Friday, 23 August 2013


“I would have you kiss me a thousand times”

Her voice was bewitching even in its innocence. Taking deep inhale of orchid scented breath I reached, extending my fingers slowly in anticipation of that smooth silky skin. When found, it was warm, supple and inviting. Index finger touched first at her chin, feeling her head tip up a little in response it drew my touch closer, begging palm to be smoothed along in a curling motion, cupping her cheek where thumb could grace back and forth in a gentle stroke of cheekbone. I could feel her eyes on me, prolonged silence that all the while spoke of need and encouragement. Simmering desire that had her lips fall to quiet.

I chuckled for her silence and dropped down carefully to my knees before her upon the fur. Fingers felt alive with electricity as was about the anticipation as much as desire for the goal. " of a thousand" I murmured though couldn't help but offer a roguish if sincere smile as smoothed fingers back from her chin, gliding across her throat and downward, just the briefest hint of a rounded breast felt before snaked hand beneath her arm and shoulder, gliding to her back to draw closed that last few inches of space between us. Hand continued upwards along her spine embracing her against me and finally slowing at nape of her neck. Meanwhile my nose touched lightly against side of her own, feeling my way before I discovered her lips and pressed slowly against them to appreciate their fullness. Their slightly sweet taste was enjoyed as I parted them briefly only to press back again, almost feeling her out rather than going in all over confident and pressurising. I’d learned that care and patience was a golden technique when it came to evoking lust in a less than wanton woman.

I’d had little doubt she would return my affection, how many years had this building tension been stoked and skirted around? So near yet so far, carefully easing my way into her thoughts and her longings though somewhere along the line my attitude had changed. It was something I had not anticipated until it was too late. This may seem like a game but yet if honest with myself it was real for me too. 

In normal circumstances, with usual appetites to sate, the energy would have poured by now. Though appearances of a patient lover I would have made, what I demanded would already have begun. Stirred lusts swirling about in hazy clouds to bask in and absorb through pores of demanding demonic flesh. Only to gorge further with the succumbing to throes of carnal delight that was always inevitable. And yet I was compelled to treat her well, treat her respectfully. In truth I feared to push too far, push her to a place where she may perceive me as merely a hunter, an 'arouser' and a taker of sin. For others that is all I was, even if they did not recognise until too late. For her I wished to me so much more.

Soft-sounded feminine moan had me hold back a kind of shudder. There was nothing like hearing a woman in such a way. I touched my forehead against hers a moment whilst taking a breath then drew hand from hers up to hold her cheek gently and leaned back in, lips tingling with that first touch and smoothed back again now pressing more deeply, coaxing her lips to part with gentle pressurising tongue. Her lips parted like a budding flower, I could feel her melting against my chest her heart all a flurry, like a wall of long defiance finally gave way. So many knocks yet in the end a careful gentle push sent it toppling down. Tentative lick, gentle probing; I stayed my patience, savouring her exploration.

A minute passed, maybe two. Lips smoothed and rolled against the others though within us both I could feel a welling storm. Rising up on my knees a little, fingers behind her head stretched upwards into the coiled and plaited style of soft tresses, a kind of gentle massaging against her scalp, though strong arms swept her forward like a coveted doll into my lap as pressed deeper yet with my offered kiss. Taste of her tongue had me crave to demand more as fell into more rhythmic caress, breaking for breath only to tilt head in desire for more. I held my breath as allowed her to savour the sensation then gradually pulled back, lowering head to kiss against her throat, once, twice, three gentle presses before lifting covered gaze with a gulp of air and smiling with a kind of soft smirk. She’d finally opened the gates a crack but I sensed the lock was broken. Still as I blindly reached to push few strands of hair back from her face she had no idea how enraptured I was.

I recalled this all. In Every tiny detail as if I were there and not watching from afar as with most dreams. It was hallucination but remembered truth and there slumped upon bench under buzzing lamp post I swooned and wrapped my arms against the void of absent imaginings, only to wake with a sense of loss and of yearning.


© Rachel Ellen, 2012

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